Menopause in the Workplace - 5 & 6 March 2019


Just days before International Women’s Day, Minds@Work is staging two ground-breaking, FREE educational events to help everyone understand what women experience during the menopause and how businesses can offer better support.

Thirteen million women in the UK are either in peri-menopause or post-menopause right now.

All women experience the menopause, yet many women are blindsided by the symptoms; menopause can affect women in a myriad of surprising and debilitating ways, including having a severe impact on mental health. Due to the lack of education and support at work, 10% of women give up their jobs during this time.

Minds@Work has gathered the UK's most revered experts on the menopause to deliver two days of crucial education -- to cut through the stunned silence and stimulate open dialogue.  

Across the two days, audiences will hear from educators and storytellers including:

  • Kathy Abernethy, Chair of the British Menopause Society - a menopause nurse specialist and one of the UK’s most revered educators - author of Menopause, the One Stop Guide

  • Diane Danzebrink, Therapist & Menopause Campaigner - provides workshops to businesses, educates managers and empowers women to take control of their own menopause symptoms

  • Harriet Beveridge - brings levity to the conversation with her solo comedy piece, “Menopause”; performed at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

  • Kathryn Colas - a pioneer in the field of menopause in the workplace, Kathryn founded Simply Hormones 13 years ago, a company that helps businesses put practical solutions in place to support women in menopause.

  • Jane Lewis, author of Me and My Menopausal Vagina - shares her experiences so you don't feel as alone as she did

  • Jo McEwan and Ann Stephens - founders of Positive Pause, which empowers women to be the best they can be, in menopause and beyond.

5 March - Why Menopause is Everyone's Business

6pm arrival at KPMG, Canary Wharf, London

For HR professionals, diversity and wellbeing managers who want to understand the needs of women in the menopause and support them to continue working.

6 March - Personal Stories of the Menopause

6pm arrival at Wavemaker, South Bank London

For everyone who wants to understand the challenges some women face at work during the menopause, so they can take care of their colleagues, loved ones and themselves.

April Doty