Minds@Work event held in Germany

On 23 October, Minds@Work held our first event outside the UK. The event was led by Nick Stanforth from Progress Factors and & Joachim Auer of Bewegungswerk, who share a huge passion for improving mental health in the workplace.

Kevin Braddock, shown in the video above, was one of the earliest members of Minds@Work in the UK, and was the speaker at the inaugural Minds@Work Germany event, which was held at Lake Constance.

This intimate, roundtable event for business leaders was ground-breaking. It was the first time many of the attendees dared to have an open discussion about mental illness. Through the sharing of personal stories, the room was transformed into a safe space for conversation. By the end of the meeting, many in the room were eager to return for more dialogue - Minds@Work Germany has begun.

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