Minds@Work June 2018 Videos

Owen Hughes - Wolff Olins - 3 Things I Wish I Knew Before

After living with depression for more than 20 years, Owen Hughes decided to share his experience with his team at Wolff Olins. Watch to find out how that went, see text messages between Owen and his colleagues and hear Owen's candid views on whether blueberries are the answer to better mental health. 

Key Lessons

  • Make a visible, tangible commitment

  • Make good mental health an everyday habit, for everyone

  • Invite your people to bring their whole selves to work

  • Require your leaders to lead by example

Peter Raynard - 'Precarious' Poetry

Peter Raynard reads from his poetry book "Precarious" which grapples with mental illness, the effects of medication and the challenges of managing your mental health as a father. 

Key Lessons: 

  • For the first time in human history, everyone is writing, all the time (on social media). Use the opportunity to share your story.

  • Writing can help "download" what is going on in your head and make you feel better - try it.

  • Rather than assuming everyone you speak to is healthy, consider that most people you speak to are battling with issues of their own.

  • Regard physical and mental health as completely intertwined.

Thomas Duncan Bell - The Bipolar Businessman

Life is a journey of self-discovery. Thomas Duncan Bell reflects on his own journey, from standing on the train tracks waiting to end his life to creating a brand that embraces all that he truly values. Thomas says, "one person can change the world by giving people hope."

Key Lessons

  • Stop judging and measuring yourself and you will be free

  • Make your bed. Exercise. Slow down and don't panic.

  • Pass on what you learn and inspire others

  • Define yourself by what you love, not by what you don't like about the world

  • Honour everyone that crosses your path without judgement or preconception

George Adolphus - The Smile Tribe - Mind-Fit-Ness

George Adolphus decided to turn his mental health into a game, where the object of the game was to live a life he loves. He did it by creating "The Smile Tribe" to support people to live a life they love.

Key Lessons

  • Say "no" to "I'm fine" - play George's game instead and give your colleagues the opportunity to "get it off their chest"

  • Talk about the things in your head

  • Laugh about the thoughts you have

  • Get interested in people

The Steep Sessions - Comins Tea - Michelle Comins and Lizzie Shupak

Lizzie Shupak and Michelle Comins of Comins Tea recently facilitated a team development session for senior leaders at HSBC, where eye-opening discoveries were made about the power of tea. If you follow the ancient Chinese ritual of taking tea, you are forced to slow down, open up your senses and indulge in calm, connected human interaction. Could something as simple as tea be a key to a balanced, happy and productive workplace? 

Key Lesson
The ancient ritual of tea could help solve some of the social and organisational challenges we face today. If your organisation wants to help prove this, contact Michelle and Lizzie about running an 8-week pilot programme at your business.