Stage a Minds@Work LIVE Event

Can you imagine how a business would thrive if every employee felt healthy, happy and engaged in its higher purpose? Minds@Work sees mental health as a strategic enabler; businesses that invest in the wellbeing of their people and create life-enhancing workplace cultures will grow and thrive.

We all need to understand mental health better, so we can manage our own and support our colleagues.

The first step is to make mental health a topic of ordinary conversation, so people feel safe to reach out when they need help. Minds@Work LIVE events do this, through storytelling and community.

The second step is to learn about how to improve your own mental health and how to support colleagues. Minds@Work LEARN events help with this, through targeted masterclasses.

Creating workplace cultures that enhance mental health is both an art and a science. It’s ever-evolving and we are always learning from the best companies. In 2019 we will introduce Minds@Work LAB, an open space event where our community comes together to learn from one another.

The dates for 2019 Minds@Work events are below. If you have a space that can hold an audience of 150+ people and you would like to host a Minds@Work event, please get in touch with us.

All of our events take place in the evenings, from 6-9:30pm.

22 May
25 June
27 June
17 September
19 Sept
17 October
26 Nov
28 Nov

April Doty