Menopause - Why it's Everyone's Business

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Thirteen million women in the UK are either in peri-menopause or post-menopause right now.

All women experience the menopause, yet many women are blindsided by the symptoms; menopause can affect women in a myriad of surprising and debilitating ways, including having a severe impact on mental health. Due to the lack of education and support at work, 10% of women give up their jobs during this time.

Our Speakers

The following remarkable women gave their time to educate Minds@Work members on how to improve menopause education and support to women in the workplace. View clips from our March 2019 event below.


The symptoms of the menopause - how many can you name? Join Harriet Beveridge in a quick game of “the life stage game show where anything can happen!”

Below, Diane Danzebrink and Jane Lewis explain why it’s everyone’s business to #MakeMenopauseMatter

Kathy Abernethy gives you the facts about menopause below.

Kathryn Colas shares real stories about what women in the menopause experience at work

Simple actions you can take now:
Everyone knows about the hot flushes, but peri-menopausal symptoms are actually wide-ranging and can start at any age. Help build awareness - print copies of the menopause lady, created by West Midlands Police, and place it on the back of toilet doors in your workplace.

Make the case for menopause training in your workplace. The presentations above should help, as well as these facts on menopause at work by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine.

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If you used the resources and contacts on this page to start a menopause education programme in your workplace, please tell us about it. We like to know that we are helping people, and so do our sponsors.

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