Creating Happy Workplaces for Humans

Hosted by Havas

What will the future of work hold? You, with all your glorious idiosyncrasies, will be valued for exactly that which makes you feel vulnerable — your emotional intelligence and ability to connect deeply with other collaborators. With these superior tools, you will shape the future of work.

Technology will be employed to add speed and efficiency to some of our operations, but you, my human colleague, are irreplaceable.

We want a working world where:

  • Everyone gets out of bed feeling motivated, because our work gives our life meaning and fulfills our personal purpose.

  • We achieve extraordinary things; technology enables us to connect in new ways and benefit from the collective wisdom of our diverse teams. We work in a fluid way, making the most of our interests, talents and strengths.

  • We trust one another - why wouldn’t we? Everyone wants to know that their work matters, so we all do our best and support each other through tough times, including mental illness.


In June 2019, Minds@Work staged an event at Havas with mind-bending talks by the following speakers who generously gave their time to reimagine a future of work that is more human. You can watch the talks below.


Mo Gawdat - Author and Founder of One Billion Happy

Dr. Magdalena Bak-Maier - Neuroscientist, Author, Productivity Expert

Gethin Nadin - Author and Employee Engagement Expert

Phoebe Tickell - Advisor, Facilitator, Organisational Design Hacker

Nic Marks - Happiness Scholar, Statistician, Founder of Friday

April Doty