Thriving in our Hyperconnected World

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Our lives have been utterly transformed by the magic of technology in the past 10 years. Our machines give us the power to go faster than ever - to infinity and beyond! For the hyperconnected, there is no quiet moment - email inboxes are bottomless, news is always breaking somewhere in the world and social media streams flow relentlessly.

We’re only human; adapting to this level of change could take a million years. Meanwhile, we need healthier ways of co-living with our digital devices and managing the super-powers they give us. After all, we may be working overtime, but we are less productive than those European countries that work fewer hours. Plus, working around the clock ultimately leads to the same end for everyone - violent burnout.

It’s possible to change your relationship with technology and introduce healthier habits in your organisation, The power is in your hands.


In May 2018, Minds@Work staged a masterclass at Made by Many, generously led by these speakers.


Dr. Ian Drever, Consultant Psychiatrist

Laura Willis, Co-Founder of Shine Offline

Our Audience and Panel of Business Leaders

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April Doty