Let's Talk about Suicide

Hosted by Schroders

Every two hours, someone in the UK dies by suicide and about 1 in 5 adults over the age of 16 say that they have had suicidal thoughts. Those who can’t speak about their feelings and get timely help are most at risk of dying by suicide. Recent stats show that two-thirds of people who die by suicide in the UK have not been in contact with mental health services in the year before they died.

Sometimes there are signs that family, friends and colleagues can see. What if your friend or colleague said “Life isn’t worth living”, or “I want to give up”…how would you support them? Would you recognise the signs that someone is not okay?


The following speakers courageously shared personal stories and passed on lessons at “Let’s Talk about Suicide”, a Minds@Work hosted by Schroders on 19 September 2019.


Dan Keeley

Dan described his downward spiral into psychosis and suicidal ideation and the long journey of recovery “from Rome to home”. Dan says we are all suffering from something, so let’s take care of each other.

Jason Alexandre

Jason is a Samaritans trainer whose work has helped to save over 2,000 lives on the railways. He talks here about the facts and myths about suicide and interacts with the audience to demonstrate the emotional health scale.

Kevin Braddock

Kevin talks about his recovery from a major depressive episode and the tools he developed to actively manage his own mental health every day.

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April Doty