Bringing Menopause Support to Mars: a Minds@Work Success Story

Liz Clayton-Jones, Mars University Regional Manager - R&D College

This is Liz Clayton-Jones; she attended the Minds@Work event at KPMG - "Why the Menopause is Everyone's Business".

It was an eye-opening experience for many people - if you missed it, you can watch highlights and grab helpful resources here.

Liz returned to work eager to educate everyone at Mars, where she is the Mars University Regional Manager - R&D College. She set up a one hour, voluntary educational session for employees to attend. The plan was:

  1. Liz would share her story

  2. a male colleague (who also attended the Minds@Work event) would engage men on the topic

  3. Occupational Health would share policies and practices that can be leveraged to support women at Mars

Since this was the first time they were cracking open the conversation at Mars, they kept their expectations low - “maybe 10 people will come”.

They were more than a little surprised when 70 people signed up…

…and completely shocked when 142 people attended! This was an in-house record for an entirely voluntary session.

It was so successful that they’ve decided to “make a day of it”, every year on 18 October, International Menopause Awareness Day.

Liz said, “the positive feedback and emotional stories have been flooding my inbox ever since, from men and women of all generations, thanking us for the honest stories, for the support in helping them understand their wives, colleagues and Mums as well as those going through it feeling less alone. Thank you for giving us the materials and the confidence to get something started!”

You’re welcome Mars UK! And congratulations on being named #1 Best Workplace for Women by the Great Place to Work awards.

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April Doty