Minds@Work LIVE - October 2018

Minds@Work LIVE was hosted by HSBC on 17 October 2018. We were welcomed by António Simões, Chief Executive HSBC, UK and Continental Europe who spoke from the heart about why mental health was important to him, before turning the floor over to an interesting variety of speakers, including:

Bringing Mental Health Gyms to the Workplace
George Bell, Sanctus
On the outside, George was "killing it" with a good job and high sales figures. But in reality, he was hiding behind a fake smile on the office floor, and crying in the toilets. George shared his story of experiencing depression, anxiety & suicidal thoughts, and explained how his recovery led him to working at Sanctus - a startup on a mission to change perceptions of mental health, and to put the world's first mental health gyms on the high street. 

Avatars Helping to Increase Wellness
David Tinker, Pro Real
David’s company ProReal has created avatar-based virtual reality software that’s being used in both corporate executive coaching and the NHS to help people describe difficult or complex thoughts and feelings. He will demonstrate the software and then talk about the evidence and use cases where it’s helped reduce anxiety and improve wellness.

In conversation with the Environment Agency
The Environment Agency has won Gold at Mind's Workplace Wellbeing Index Awards for two consecutive years. Sarah Stevenson, the Health, Safety & Wellbeing Business Partner at Environment Agency shared how the Environment Agency sets out to make work “life enhancing”.

In Harmony; Body Mind and Workplace
George Bell, Onsong
Onsong was created to deliver musical solutions to business problems in the workplace, reducing stress and improving group cohesion. George shared the science behind it all - how singing makes you feel good, by increasing your levels of happy hormones - oxytocin and serotonin. We went on a musical journey with George and his co-Founder Greg Staw, who led us all in a chorus of “Lean on Me”.