Minds@Work update & opportunities

Over recent months we've been working together to find ways to make the network work better for everyone. 
We're 1,000 people and counting and recognise there is a huge potential within the community to share and support one another whilst driving forward our purpose - to abolish the stigma associated with mental ill-health in the workplace and help people flourish and remain well and happy.    

As we evolve, we want to trial a series of activities in addition to the usual 4 Minds@Work events over the year and our "This is my story" events. 
The new things we want to do are: 

  • Once a month we would like to host 1-hour sessions on a variety of different topics from experts in the network.  Typical topics may include depression, anxiety and perfectionism.  If you are interested in running one of these sessions, and you believe you have the expertise, please get in touch here using the subject title ‘masterclass’.
  • We are creating 2 pilot expert groups in order to share best practice – one for employers and one for practitioners. There will be limited spaces within these groups, so please drop us an email here with details of who you are and what you can bring to such a group using the subject heading ‘Expert Group’. In addition to this, we will be looking for facilitators for both – if you're interested please let us know. 
  • Stacy and Kevin Braddock will be working on some Vlogs (video blogs) - if you have a mental health story or you would like to share your knowledge then let us know. We want to share these videos publicly on our social media channels. In addition to this, we would like to create a monthly newsletter, if you'd like to guest edit it, please email us here using the subject title 'Vlogs & stories'. 
  • If you have a blog/story/event you would like us to share on our social media channels, please forward it to us here using the subject title ‘share’.
  • Stacy has been working with M@W members Will Nicholson (Dragon Café) and Julia Hillman (Second Mile Consulting) on an exciting new project. On the 27th November across locations around the City, they will be running various ‘Thrive in the City’ taster activities in order to get a feel for what people might want in the city 'Mindhub'. If you are interested in taking part and you would like an opportunity to showcase your skills, talents and expertise please email them herefor more information.  
  • We would love for all our members to shout about being part of the Minds@Work community – please download our logo here and use the line "Proud member of Minds@Work" and link to our website. 

There are lots of opportunities for everyone in the network to work together so please do get involved!
Finally, our next meeting is the 5th October: 
Location: Clifford Chance, Canary Wharf
Line up: Dr Ian DreverColin Minto and MQ Mental Health
Theme for the evening: ‘Mental Health Conditions in the Workplace’ – with speakers talking about depression, anxiety, perfectionism, OCD and more. 
Event tickets with more detail will be released soon via the usual method of emailing the ticket link - first come, first served. We are also looking for 3 volunteers to help on the evening – if you are interested, please let us know.
Have a lovely upcoming weekend and we look forward to hearing from many of you. 

Any questions, let us know.
Stacy, Mills, Geoff & Georgie

Stacy Thomson