17 September | Minds@Work LAB on Mentally Healthy Remote Working

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17 September 2019, 6:30pm BST

THIS event is now full. Check our website after the event to replay some of the highlights

Technology has unlocked the possibility for many of us to work from anywhere, anytime.

Businesses can now engage the most talented people in the world, no matter where they live. Workers can design their working hours around their life, with more flexibility to do ordinary things (like take their kids to school) and extraordinary things (like travel the world).

We are liberated! ...And yet it doesn’t always feel that way. The hustling remote worker can sometimes be found in their pajamas, hunched over a laptop in their dimly lit living room, surrounded by empty pizza boxes. Days can go by without contact with another human being in the real world. This lack of structure and social isolation is the fast track to anxiety and depression.

How will we know when our mental health is spiraling dangerously downward? What is the best way to engage remote workers so that they feel part of a tribe they can trust and confide in? What technology could emerge that will enable natural, nourishing and mentally healthy human connections to grow in the virtual world?

Some remote workers are winning the game, deftly balancing their personal and working life, leveraging today’s technology effectively and managing their energy with hacks that see them achieving more before lunchtime than their office-based contemporaries do all day.

Our models for work have changed little since the industrial revolution, isn’t it time to review it to see if its healthy and fit for purpose for today’s knowledge economy? Now that we are free-range humans, maybe it’s time to reimagine what healthy and productive work looks like.

The Challenge

How can we make the experience of remote working a life-enhancing choice that boosts mental wellness and productivity for all?

Join the Experiment

The Minds@Work LAB on mentally healthy remote working will bring together minds from around the world to connect, share, optimise and invent the healthiest possible solutions for this growing global community.

Minds@Work are experts at running awesome events on mental health in the workplace, but we’ve never done one quite like this.

Minds@Work LAB will be an open space event, which means everyone in the room and online gets to participate. You will move freely through 3 rooms in the swanky space of Three mobile’s content creation studio, or from table to table in the virtual event space Remo, listening and contributing to the conversations that interest you the most. The evening is facilitated by Curve, who are experts in unlocking human ingenuity.

Speakers & Panelists

Whether you join us in London, or from the comfort of your couch, you will be able to see, hear and interact with our speakers.

  • Brittnee Bond, CEO of Remote Collective, is an expert consultant on coworking and coliving spaces. She believes all people should have access to remote work and intends to make this a reality. She will be sharing about how remote work isn't some future dream, it's a reality that organizations need to get ready for, and how best to build community while working remotely.

  • Jenny Varley is the Global Head of Digital Communications and Employer Brand for HSBC and Founder of Flink, a job-share matchmaker platform and Rachelle Denton is the Co-Founder of The Storm Collective, a distributed team of freelancers who are supporting Jenny to launch her start-up. Jenny and Rachelle will talk about the cultural and mindset shifts that happen when we transition from working 9 to 5 in a traditional office to working flexibly from anywhere.

You can post questions to our four panelists:

  • Angelina Ebeling is the founder of AceWork, a remote working platform that matches talent with careers in distributed companies

  • Pilar Orti is the founder of Virtual not Distant, a company that helps teams adopt remote collaboration practices through workshops and coaching for managers, and consultancy. Pilar also produces the podcast 21st Century Work Life.

  • Job Van Der Voort was VP of the product GitLab, overseeing its growth from 5 to 450+ employees and value to $1.1B. Today he is the CEO of the jobs platform Remote.com and host of the Remote Work Podcast.

  • Kristina Barger is a cognitive scientist, psychotherapist, coach and remote worker who believes that interdisciplinary collaboration between tech, psychology and policy can lead to peak performance and maximum wellbeing.

Who else will be there

You’ll interact with all sorts of people - remote workers from distributed or remote-first companies, freelancers, solopreneurs, founders of SMEs, technology product developers, HR professionals from companies who are venturing into remote work, co-working space providers, service providers, experts and influencers in the remote working field, occupational and mental health experts, and others who want to help with this challenge.

You might even make some new friends.

THIS event is now full. Check our website after the event to replay some of the highlights

April Doty