18 October 2018, Minds@Work Learn

Minds@Work Learn - for HR Directors

Minds@Work Learn is an interactive, hands-on workshop designed to teach practical skills and techniques. This event is designed for HR Directors or senior executives with responsibility for corporate health and wellbeing.

This Minds@Work Learn event will tackle the challenge of having discussions with team members who may be suffering from depression or anxiety.

The event will be held on 18 October, from 6:30-9:30pm at the Made by Many offices Diespeker Wharf, 38 Graham St, London N1 8JX. Tickets are required - please apply for a ticket using the link at the bottom of this page.

Two dynamic contributors will be running masterclasses:

Impact Factory

Get ready for the most immersive learning experience ever designed - forum theatre. Watch real-life scenarios from the workplace performed in front of you, get involved in shaping the discussion and see what happens next... Facilitated by Asma Mansuri, a leadership coach and Samaritan, trained in psychotherapy. Expect show-stopping performances from West End actress Isabel Pollen, who just finished playing the lead role in Brief Encounter, plus TV /film actress Katie Kensit. All three women are driven by a personal commitment to supporting people who are struggling with mental illness.

Emotional Health at Work

A recent IPPR report by Family Links: the Centre for Emotional Health - outlined 7 key competencies that underpin the emotional health of your employees. Sarah Darton, Chief Executive, will describe how these 7 critical assets come into play at work, especially in sensitive conversations with colleagues. Half of UK employees report that their working relationships are not supportive and evidence shows that investing in universal preventative mental health support delivers the best return on investment. This new emotional health framework helps businesses take action.

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