9 October 2018, Mad World Forum

'Mad World' is organised by the Mad World Forum - it will be held in London on 9 October 2018. 

It's conference with a clear mission: to eradicate stigma and spark a new era of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

We live in a “mad world”, an anxious world. Changes in the workplace are happening faster than ever before, digital disruption is the new norm, performance is the always-on aspiration, and the pressure is on to raise productivity.

Ambitions have never been greater. But with stress running high, energy levels low and a potential mental health crisis looming, there’s a growing sense of urgency about mental health pervading the business world.

Smart leaders recognise that mental health underpins business continuity, agility and performance, and that investing in mental health brings sustainable competitive advantage - for individuals, corporations and shareholders. Yet despite the best intentions and raised awareness, many organisations lack coherent, practical strategies that will create a real impact.

Responding to this need, the Mad World Forum is bringing all the best minds together to move beyond the “why” to the “how” and get down to purposeful business.

Mad World is a stimulating meeting of minds - blending commercial imperatives with the millennial mindset and practitioner expertise. Together, at the heart of a pragmatic and open discussion, the Mad World Forum will enable insight, exchange and action.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Innovative leadership thinking and the evolving role of the CEO

  • Understanding the next generation of leaders

  • Mental health in the workplace: a 2020 vision of the future

  • Millennials: linking attraction, retention, wellbeing and mental health

  • Engagement matters in the multi-generational workplace

  • Creating an inclusive work culture and environment that enables employees to thrive

  • Prevention is better than cure: easing transition from education to employment

  • Getting boardroom buy-in: building the business case for mental health and wellbeing

  • Who should be responsible for driving health and wellbeing strategies in the workplace?

  • The elephant in the room: changing the way we manage performance

  • Maintaining momentum and moving to the next level of implementation

  • Employee Assistance Programmes: fit for the future

  • Mental health: the opportunity

  • How AI, data, VR, AR, Voice and Block Chain are impacting mental health and wellbeing strategy

  • Using digital innovation to manage the stresses of the fast changing workplace

  • What’s in the pipeline? Preparing for Gen Z’s mental wellbeing needs

  • Does every company need a Chief Happiness Officer?

Alongside the conference, the exhibition will bring together 35 solution providers. Here, all conference attendees and additional visitors will be able to experience the latest solutions needed to implement lasting mental health strategies in the workplace.

Responsibility for mental health crosses job titles and departments and the delegate profile reflects this. From C-Suite to line managers and next-generation leadership teams, attend Mad World for collaboration, inspiration and to find the right solutions for your business – now, and for the future.

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