Our purpose

To inspire and empower individuals to destigmatise mental health in the workplace.

We aim to do this through enabling the sharing of stories, knowledge and insights that will:

  • Change how people with a mental health condition are perceived and treated at work
  • Bring hope to individuals that it’s possible to recover and thrive from a mental health illness like depression and anxiety
  • Share best practice around how to break the stigma of mental health in the workplace
  • Share best practice around how to create a workplace that enables positive mental health
  • Create a database of information to enhance and contribute to mental health research and understanding
  • Create workplaces where people feel they can talk about their mental health and feel included
  • Advocacy

Minds@Work is led by:

  • Geoff McDonald, former Global VP of Human Resources at Unilever; Advocate and Campaigner; Associate of Connecting With People
  • Georgie Mack, Managing Partner of product innovation consultancy Made by Many
  • Camilla Upson, Events & Communications, Forward Institute
  • Stacy Thomson, Performance Coach & Mental Health Expert; Registered Mental Health Nurse, Impact Coaching